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Welcome to Ink Hana -Writers Blog About us Page

I love reading & writing books and since you’re here, I assume you do too! This website is for writers who just starting out in need of craft advice, or would like craft recommendations, likewise as for authors more ahead on the journey searching for business facilities and a glimpse into the long run of creativeness.

I've been sharing my writing since 2008 and I have good publishing expertise, thus you'll learn from my mistakes and be a lot of triple-crown in your artistic life.

You will notice data and inspiration on writing, self-publishing, a book promotion, and the way to create a living together with your writing.

Official Bio

Short Bio: -

Omnia Ahmed, known as HANA TSUKI is a writer, Writes fiction novels online and non-fiction books for authors.

My journey: -

I started reading and writing at a young age in primary school. I discovered my passion for Arabic literature during this time and began writing and in 2014 I moved to English literature and began writing my first literary work in English in 2020 in the era of the Corona misdemeanor and this thanks to staying at home for a long time and continued writing even in Several English books I have finished 3 books and I am currently writing the fourth already and I have started at the end of 2021 publishing tips for the book from my experience throughout those years and I hope to be able to help as much as possible and give hope to others as many people have given me in life.