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Royal Heart BY Hana Tsuki Chapter 9

Royal Heart novel by hana tsuki

Chapter 9 Love or lust 🔞

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Author POV

The heart always struggles with the mind in deciding, but the two are subject to desires. Nobody, no heart, no mind rules our desires, there are no rules, they are completely chaotic.

What will the characters do when their desires control them?

Let's explore that.


Mongkut POV

I don't really know what to do?!

I was thinking of breaking up soon, but I fell in love with every moment I spend with Narong.

I am really in big trouble. It has been two days since the two of us stayed in the desert and all the activities that we experienced, like hunting and talking between us were fun.

I really fell in love. What am I going to do?!

I was asking myself all these questions.

While contemplating his sexy body, he is changing his clothes in front of me now in the tent.

We are preparing to sleep now after we drank a lot of wine, and I am difficult now because his body is not currently resisting. I am really a psychopath.

But what I really hate in my case is that I do not know the source of my feelings, is it love or lust?!




Warning 🔞🔞

When he approached me wearing only his underwear, he preferred to sleep with nothing, and this makes my psychological struggle more difficult. I have been wrestling with this feeling for about two days ago now.

When he sat next to me, I didn't bear it.

I started kissing his lips passionately, and I only left him for a few seconds until we breathed.

When I started feeling his body and trying to strip him of underwear.

But he opened his eyes to me and expanded them at this moment and took me away from him and told me

N: Your happiness, you drank, stop doing this.

M: I'm not dead drunk Narong I really want you don't see that I am hard and that it's all because of you really make me hard I'm not sure that I'm gay, but I'm sure of my feelings right now I know it could be another mistake, but can you give me the chance to test my feelings?!!!

N: I don't ... don't know what to say to you what to do your Highness, but I know this is not the right thing to do right now. We should sleep.

M: Do you think I can go to sleep right now; can't you see my cock?

N: ok, your Highness, I will help you, but I will not have sex with you right now.

M: we will see.

I blinked my eyes and winked at him seductively as he stripped me of my clothes.


Narong POV

My heart does not stop beating so quickly while stripping him of his clothes.

When I finished, I grabbed his erect and started slowly denying my hands while I heard his sexy voice.

M: Ahhhh, don't stop ahhhh.

N: 😋

I could not really bear his voice and started licking my mouth and increasing my desire for it.

His moan was so sexy, damn it

I said that to myself

Before I take his look in my mouth and start to lick and suck his member hard

After a few seconds, he touched my hair and move my head to this number and taking his member deeper in my mouth and move faster until he comes into my mouth.

After a few seconds, we both noticed that I was hard too, so he asked me if I want him to help me too

All I could do is nodding my head to accept his offer.

And this is what he did. He held my membership, slow it, and kiss me.

Then he grabbed my paw and squeezed him with a little finger, which increases my excitement and groans.

I licked it a little and accept every piece of my body and leave ownership marks in it, and I didn't realize when I would have come in his hands.

I did not realize or understand his strange view of me before his thumb fell into the bottom of my ass.

After a while, I was feeling okay. I felt your pleasure. I was trying to get his hand away from my hole but when I felt a pleasure, I couldn't do anything and let him know whatever he wants to do.

After about 5 minutes, He displeased me by placing his organ near my hole.

He moved near me with his cock.

I could not bear and give in to my feelings about him and my feelings at this moment and said,

N: stop teasing and enter your cock in me, f*** me hard.

After he hurt me, he entered his cock inch by inch until he was fully inside me.

Then he kissed me. -And said to me

M: I will move when you are ready.

When it was all right and the pain it's all gone, I asked him to move.

And we were facing each other all night. I don't remember how many rounds.

After we finished, we fell asleep holding each other.

When we wake up the next day, we will be surprised that there's someone outside our tent.

We could hear steps outside, and we looked at each other before we ... To be continued.

Chapter 9 End.



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