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Royal Heart BY Hana Tsuki Chapter 8

Royal Heart novel by hana tsuki

Chapter 8 Dating

Simple rules

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Author POV

May life shock us with happiness from people who we never expected to fall in love with, or to write the happiness of our lives into their own hands.

Live + happiness = loving you


Mongkut POV

I was feeling better after talking to Narong/Narain because 

I felt finally I had a plan and I know what will I do now


At the same time, I felt sorry for what I did and what I will do with him.

We haven't talked about what happened for about 5 days. All we did was take care of our routine life.

Until it came on Saturday, and at a time when Narain and I were sitting alone discussing some security measure, he suddenly told me by saying...

N: Do you want to go out on a date with me tomorrow?

It is a day off, and you do not have events to attend, so it is a day off for you as well

M: Oh yes, you have a right

N: Mm

M: What do you want to do to a specific place?

N: He had the idea to go on a desert trip, what do you think

M: I guess It is a good idea, CUZ I will be away from people's eyes

N: Okay, so it's a date

Then, Narain's features began to change after this sentence, and he began to change, and his cheeks were refreshing in red, and I began to feel a face for a moment as I watched the expression of shame on a face that I felt was very handsome.

M: If all of this, I think it's too late, go home

N: Hmm okay

Then he quickly left the room, and thoughts started wrestling in my mind, and I asked more about how I felt about him.

I remained in this confusion until I fell asleep because of the severity of my thinking and fatigue

I went to sleep, and I was hoping that the next few days will pass without another mistake.

Not only that, but I woke up in a state of calmness and felt happy and excited. I don't know why

But I think the reason for this is that I was excited about being away from people and with someone I love and respect and that I was sure would spend a very happy time with them.

I stayed in bed for a while before I heard the alarm clock phone and got up to prepare for this trip, which I hope will be happy with Narain.


Narain POV

I got out of the room, and I was in a state of anxiety and panic because of my sudden feeling very shy about the idea that I will finally go out on a date with my first love.

On the next day, I worked up a little early, before I saw the light of the sun, So I  kept browsing through the Mangkot pictures on my phone and smiling until the time came to about seven o'clock so I went to my wardrobe checking the clothes.

So I can choose what to dress for the date and after a while, I settled on a white shirt with jeans the reason I chose the shirt is Mangout's favorite color is white.

After two hours of preparation, I went to the palace to take Mangkot for our first date.

As I descend on the cyclist, I can almost certainly say that my saliva was flowing from its beauty

It was the first time that I saw him in comfortable clothes like this, as he was wearing a white shirt and pants.

When he arrived in front of me, I took a minute to understand what was happening to me, and after he called my name several times, then I showed a reaction, which is a broad smile and I said to him

N: mmm yes, what do you say

M: What's wrong, let's go quickly

N: Yes, sir

M: Stop saying the word sir, we're going on a date

Then he winked at me and smiled, entered the car seat while I was grabbing the door for him, and locked it quickly. As I was on my way to my seat, I moved my head until I came back to my consciousness.

All the way, we did nothing other than listening to a little of the music before Mangkot fell asleep.

How I wish now to absorb those lips and lips and leave the markings of my ownership over them. I said this to myself while I was meditating on my side on a desert road.

I knew that I should keep him away from me and make him give up on me with his desire, but now on this moment, I am not sure if I will be able to get away from him and if I will not make a mistake at the end of having sex with him again.

After some hours had passed, we reached our destination, and when the car stopped, he started twisting and the Mangkot moved next to me. And all that my mind was thinking about at this moment is stealing a kiss from his lips, so I was ….to be continued.

End of Chapter 8.



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