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Royal Heart BY Hana Tsuki Chapter 7

Royal Heart novel by hana tsuki

Chapter 7 What does my heart want?!

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Author POV

Between love and responsibility, what do we choose?

when we face a situation that threatens our lives and our future when love is forbidden

Is it give us a right to ourselves to do what is forbidden?!

These questions are what our character needs to answer, themselves, let us read this self-struggle from the tongue of those who struggle.

Mongkut POV

He was strangely looking at me, and his face looked expressionless, while he was utterly silent and looking at me with a blank look on his face without replying to my question, then he broke the silence by asking me

N: How do you plan to take responsibility?!

N: Do you intend to date you with the intention of marriage if this requires your approval of me. Request? - he ended his sentence with a playful wink and smile

While I was listening to this, I was thinking to myself how I was thinking about how hard you fucked her on the bed and the passionate kisses we had while we hugged each other tightly. then I come to my reason when I saw her/he angry face and the tears that will come from his eyes at any moment now and I thought about anything that can help and what is in my captivity to compensate him as much as possible without insulting him without losing him as a bodyguard or loyal person or friend and I hope to do that with his date but how After long thinking, I suddenly remembered what happened in details.


While I was sitting on my bed at night after drinking a little, I started pressuring my mind and trying to remember what happened to me and Narain, then I remembered I was ...

I was resting on Narain's arm while we went to my room and we both were drunken

When we got into the room I was tired, so we drove to the bed, then my instincts dominated me, I don't know why I couldn't bear it, and I kissed Narain/Narong violently while he was resisting my kisses until our kisses turned into deep kisses filled with passion and Narain put his hand on my neck to help me increase the depth of the kiss until he needed air so he pushed me away and I saw his crying eyes for a beard of time.

But I wasn't aware, and all I thought about was attacking the bank's lips and started kissing him violently again.

But after a while, he surrendered to me, and started stripping him of his clothes. My memories stop, but I realize what I remembered. I forced myself

He did not want me, and I realize I am in a state of drunkenness and extreme stupidity. I hurt the closest people to me. Now I hurt my guard and my close friend. I hurt the most person I trust and who trusts in me.

After I opened my eyes from the shock, I started crying with great sorrow and remorse in my heart

And I started thinking about his way to compensate for the damage she had caused if that was possible, without losing it.

Also, I was in a state of anxiety and my mind was full of questions, as I had never imagined sleeping with a man before.


I was looking at him while Narain was pondering and waiting for his answer with anxiety

I thought for a moment about how beautiful and innocent his face seemed, and I asked myself why I didn't notice his pretty eyes and innocent face, and when I realized what I was thinking I shook my head so I can remove those thoughts from me

While he is immersed in his thoughts and his world.

Narain POV

I was looking at the love of my life; I was looking at the man who I loved in secret for years, now and I do not know what to do with him.

I repeatedly asked myself what to do!

What does my heart desires?!

Or what does my mind want?!

And to make my decision, I hold his hand sounds only I looked into his eyes and said my answer is...

Are you, my love?

I said that in my head

after some time, I had to take a deep breath, and I told him.

N: I want to try. I don't want what happened to us to be a big mistake. I regret I don't want to lose you.

M: Me too. I don't want to lose. You are my best friend no you 8n fact not only a friend; you are the most bird scent person in my life right now. Thank you for giving me this chance.

I don't deny that I was thrilled when I heard him see this for this, but I was afraid of tomorrow. I was afraid to be thrilled with him ants cannot be a way I was afraid so much to make him love me.

As I was very sure that death could be the end of our love.

As I could Cuz him to be dead

Or I could die for him Cuz he to be lonely and sad all his life.

So, I accepted his offer to make him hate me I was away from him I made him happy even if that mean I will be sad, and I will regret all my life losing him......To be contented.

End of chapter 7.



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