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Royal Heart BY Hana Tsuki Chapter 10

Royal Heart

Chapter 10 Back to reality

Simple rules

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Arthur's POV

Human limitations are many, we restrict ourselves to morals, and society restricts us to its diverse types

So, there is no complete freedom. There are restrictions that govern our behavior always, and sometimes we restrict those we love as well.


Mongkut POV

I woke up with a severe headache in the brain. As I tried to remember and understand what happened to me, I found Narong naked and slept next to me and then opened his eyes. As we exchanged looks, we heard steps approaching the tent.

Then we heard a man's voice asking for permission to enter so I told him

M: Who are you?!

The stranger: I am one of the king's guards, your happiness. I apologize, but the queen has requested your presence at once. Something has happened, your happiness, you must come immediately with me.

We looked at each other at the moment's shock of what was happening, and then we wore clothes.

After we finished taking our things in the cars, and I got into the car with Narong without a word from me or from him, he was focusing on the road even though I saw warm looks from him sometimes

And I learned that what is happening between us may really lead in the end, the separation if I want to save his life and my life too.

I learned at this moment that I lost my friend, and I must get rid of the danger quickly so that he kept him away from me, even if it was his way hurt, so my way of handling matters led to problems.

When we got to the palace, we noticed an abnormal movement and anxiety in the face of everyone.

When she got to the queen's room, she found her crying; the king was on the bed, and the doctors checked his condition.

And then they informed us that the king is extremely sick and needs his rest from the work of the government.

That day came the day of my fate determination and the struggle for actual rule. It was decided that I became the temporary king of the country until the king's condition improved and in this way my problems increased.

I don't really know what to do and treat first if I become selfish and ignore the feelings of Narong and focus on governing the country only and use his abilities to protect me.

Or should I take help from someone else even if I don't trust anyone else now?

I am really in a tricky situation

Three months later, my father's the king improved, and one day he invited me to his room and heard me his decision, which is that I must choose a bride to become the next queen soon.

And he also made me the King for real. This time he decided he wants to be retiring.

All I thought at that moment, what will I do now?!


Narong POV

The days passed faster than he passed, and each day he was more shocked than before. With the King Mongkut now, my responsibilities increased more, and the danger of his life became much greater now.

Since we came back from our trip in the desert and I felt like I was in an endless cycle, and I feel what I lived with Mongkut there is only a dream, and I cannot determine whether it was a bad dream or a good one.

When I think about what happened recently, I found a happy ending to my feelings in that time, as Manghot exchanged my love for him and our body was one in that The tent in the desert, even if they are not fully aware and alcohol who encouraged me to what happened, but I will not deny even for a moment that I wanted and did not regret what happened this time between us, it was not an accident like the first night of ours, but it was an act stemming from love , but that he will marry soon, the state needs his property, and the whole country knows about his close marriage.

And when I think I should witness his marriage soon, I suffer a lot from this painful truth

So, I made the latest amongst today about our situation and ask his forgiveness for the behavior that might have offended me and ask him to find a guard other than me.

It is truly a time of farewell between us, as I will not bear this pain by his proximity and I will try to watch over him from afar, And I will never forget I know that or I can forget his love, All I want to do is reduce my pain only by staying away from him.

So, I went to the office room, where he was doing some work there, and I was shocked by what I saw. He was kissing a girl in the office.

And in this moment, I was sure that I lived a nightmare, not a dream or a happy memory. This pain that afflicts me now assures me it will become a painful memory for me throughout my life.

I wished to end with a happy memory of him. It would make it easier for me to leave him

if he was only waited a little time so I can leave this place with a happy memory of him.

When he noticed my presence, he moved away from her and saw me shocked at the door of his office.

All I could do at this moment is to close the door and get out of the palace quickly.

It was sad that I can what's hit him even I give him an excuse to Betray me.

All I felt was my desire to escape from this place and from what I had seen just now I was crying all the way to My car 😭😭.

When I was about to leave, he opened the door of the car and sit in it with me and spoke

M: We need to talk

N: I DON'T want to talk to you.

M: I know I'm wrong here, but you are misunderstanding what happened. That was my ex-girlfriend, and she kissed me, and I didn't exchange the kiss. I swear to you.

N: It doesn't matter, Mongkut. I came to you to resign.

M: What did you say? Would you like to leave me? No no, I will not allow you.

N: Please, Mongkut, I do not want to be tortured or broken any further.

M: But ...

N: Please

When I finished my hope, I could not wipe my tears, and when I felt with his hands, he kept the tears away and then he told me

M: I love you, please do not leave me

N: I also love you and know that our love has no happy conclusion so I hope that my memory will be happy in my heart without injury and pain

M: Are you in pain that you do not want to be with me?

N: Yes

M: Well, let's separate, but know that I will live my whole life, I love you, even if I am forced to marry, I will not forget your love, believe me

N: And I will never forget you, and if the Lord gives me permission, I will ask to be your husband in our afterlife.





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