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Top 5 free Writing Tools of 2022: A Guide for Writers

  Best 2022 free Writing Tools: A Guide for Writers

Writing distinctively is hard; the writer needs a set of tools to help him create the best book for the reader. It isn't easy to get such tools for free.

But I collected 5 free tools that help me a lot in writing my novel, especially since I am not a native speaker of English

So I require help when translating my work into English for international readers.

I am very happy to present this article Top 5 free Writing Tools of 2022: A Guide for Writers and hope that it will be of great help and benefit to you, dear novice writer

If you, dear writer, are like me, this article will help you, particularly, a lot, So here are my tools

Top 5 free Writing Tools of 2022

Story plotter App

Story plotter is the best free outlining app. Its most important feature for me is that it is multilingual, and the second most important feature is that all features are free for the application version.

With the application, you can arrange your thoughts and draw inspiration from the order of events easily

And what do I say about the character?! Industry, in this application, it asks a group of questions that make the formation of the character very easy. And you can learn how to use the app by watching this video.

And you can get the application through the following links

Android         App Store


LanguageTool is a multilingual grammar, style, and spell checker. I know that Grammarly is the first and most popular tool used by everyone around the world, and I use it too,

But as I said a while ago, I speak and write in several languages, so the best tool for me and from my point of view for everyone is this too 

Because it works for free in English and other languages too, it's a big help, and you can learn how to use LanguageTool by watching this video


Reverso is a Free translation, dictionary & Synonyms, and analogies in English

It is one of the best in translation and language learning. Its tools support many languages, including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, and Russian. 

It has a Documents service that translates documents and websites. It helps a lot when you need to understand some foreign words you read.

Then you can understand the meaning of every word & exception, you need your storyline.

This helps you to translate your work into several languages later, and you can learn how to use the Reverso tools by watching this video

Google Docs

Google Docs is an online word processor included as part of the free web-based Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google,

I use it in writing my chapters for its outstanding features, such as the word count, which helps me easily know my writing development.

And in fact that it is easy to connect all the tools available online, such as spelling correction and translation, makes it the best writing tool in history from Ra's, and as we are used to Google, it always provides the best services and for free most of the time.

Reedsy Book Editor

And finally, the tool that helps me review and edit my entire novel

I wanted to use amateur tools, but I must use even one professional tool, and the professional tool that I am using for now is free to use, and I highly recommend it

Also, this site has a free course service that I advise you not to miss, as you have helped me a lot in writing my novels.

And you can learn how to use Reedsy Book Editor by watching this video

This was all for today. I hope to be fascinated by this information and tools and wait for me to provide detailed articles for all these tools soon.

Thank you for reading this article to the end.



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