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Electric Touch Vaccine Novel By Hana Tsuki

Electric Touch Vaccine

 General information

Name: Electric Touch Vaccine
Genre: Romance - Family - Action - Mystery
Language: English
Type: Dark Novel
Chapters: 30

Written by: Hana Tsuki


Johan Andreas
Johan Andreas

Name: Johan Andreas
Nickname: Jo
Gender: male
Place of birth: Washington, D.C
Age: 30 years old
Birthday: August 25, 1991
Occupation: Detective

Describe the character in one sentence: A man of hard tasks

Julia Gacia

Julia Gacia

Name: Julia García
Nickname: Lulu
Gender: Female
Age: 25 years old
Birthday: February 14, 1995
Place of birth: Texas
Occupation: secretary

Describe the character in one sentence: Beautiful, Smart but… Hypersexuality


I will FIGHT her, and FOR her, but I will NEVER be hers.

Repeating it inside his mind 

While watching, her sharp brown eyes look at him in defiance.
While he challenged her with words and dictated to her his endless orders.
in an argument for revenge, he had no basis other than a misunderstanding on his part.

He believes that this girl controls his mind, heart, and all his senses, and every time.

He sees her graceful body that he desires to bind and possess it.

Will be his father's secret girlfriend or, in the worst case, his wife in secret.
That he and his sisters will share in the inheritance one day if it is true.

We stop at this point and take a look at the life of this handsome young man called Johan.

He is a handsome young man who lives with his family in Washington, D.C.

His goal in life is to make them happy.

He lived a happy and affluent life from childhood until the age of sixteen.

When he lost his mother. Hence, the turning point of his life for the worse,

He could not cope with grief, as he became responsible for his younger sisters.

His father’s way of dealing with grief was to ignore them

and move toward that life in his bad home,

And what made the matter worse, women always approached Johan and his sisters

Because of their greed, they dreamed of being wives of their fathers.

A prestigious and rich company owner.

This caused outstanding problems between father and son

And caused some poor relations between them, Overtime.

Then Johan MET, a beautiful girl named Jamila,

who changed his life for the better, despite the misunderstanding at first.

She became the love of his life and changed for the better.




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