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Noorsin’s Tears Novel By Hana Tsuki

Noorsin’s Tears

 General information

Name: Noorsin’s Tears

Genre: Romance - Family - Drama - Mystery

Language: English

Type: Light Novel

Chapters: 30

Written by: Hana Tsuki


Kaan Urgancioglu as Adam Salim Al-Harbi

Kaan Urgancioglu

Name: Adam Salim Al-Harbi

Age: 30 years old

Birthday: October 25, 1991

Gender: male

Place of birth: Ankara - Turkey

Occupation: Architect

Marital status: Married

family members

Mother, sister, wife, uncle, uncle's daughter, aunt, and cousin

Friends: two friends, Adel and Ahmed


Hazal Filiz Küçükköse as Noorsin 

azal Filiz Küçükköse

Name: Noorsin Samir Al-Bashiri

Nickname: NoNo

Age: 23 years old

Birthday: October 14, 1997

Gender: Female

Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey

Place of residence: Ankara - Turkey

Occupation: lawyer

Status: Married



Once upon a time, in a community where arranged marriages were the norm, a young woman found herself at a crossroads. She had always believed that love was difficult to come by and waiting for it was hopeless. So when her father proposed that she marry a man he knew, she agreed without much thought, assuming that a loveless marriage was better than no marriage at all.

But when she met her future husband and his family, she was taken aback by his cold demeanor. He looked at her as if she was invisible, and her self-esteem took a hit when she realized that her beauty was less than ordinary. Despite this, she felt a connection with his family, who were kind and welcoming. In the end, she decided to pursue the marriage for the sake of the happiness of both families.

Her husband, on the other hand, was a practical man who loved his work more than anything else. He believed that marriage and serious relationships were complicated and would hinder his working life, so he had always stayed away from any kind of relationship with a woman. However, he was a playful man who believed in lust and satisfaction, which is why his parents forced him into an arranged marriage when he turned thirty. At first, he objected strongly to the idea, but they convinced him to meet the woman and her family.

When he saw her, he was angry because he found her beauty too difficult to resist. He felt like she had sabotaged his plans to stay away from marriage and relationships altogether. The marriage took place quickly, and they both felt a sense of debt to each other. However, his wife shocked him when she expressed her desire to keep their marriage on paper, so they could divorce after a while. This led to a five-year marriage of convenience that was miserable for both of them.

Despite their mutual unhappiness, they continued to coexist in their loveless marriage until he met Lily, the love of his life. However, on a night he cannot remember, his wife suddenly became close to him and asked to postpone the divorce. He found himself in a conflict between his desire for Lily and his wife's sudden affection towards him. His wife began to seduce him, and he found himself torn between the two women he loved and desired.

This situation was complicated by the fact that his beliefs about love and relationships had been shattered. He had always believed that love was something that came with difficulty and was not worth pursuing. But he found himself caught between his wife and Lily.



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