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Royal Heart BY Hana Tsuki Chapter 6

Royal Heart

Chapter 6 Take responsibility

Simple rules

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Author POV

Life is always filled with suddenness and not going according to what we want to walk on,
we do not always control our lives, and this is our weakness,

we try to control our lives and when we fail in this; we feel weak and try to find solutions
But in the end, nothing happens except what I wrote for us

Let's see how the crown prince will cope with his weakness.
What will he take responsibility for?
What he did do to Narong?

Mongkut POV

After I saw Narong leaving I asked for breakfast and some medicine while I was waiting for them, I decided to smoke in the window when I did I saw Narong crying on a bench in the garden, and I felt so guilty I didn't know what to do what I was thinking how to take responsibility for what I have done ?!

After a few minutes I saw princess Fei crying and after a bit of time, she sat with him and they were speaking to each other exactly at that moment I felt something that I cannot explain I didn't want them together, I didn't want to see them together, so I finished my cigars prickly and enter my room and sit on my bed feeling frustrated.

For the first time in my life, I was a crown prince, making a mistake, and I don't know how to correct it and take responsibility, so I thought that the feeling of Narong is guilt. I do not know how to describe to you my simplicity at this time. Ha-ha, how stupid I was.

I apologize to you, I will complete my story

After spending the whole day thinking, I didn't get a solution and I didn't know how to replace Narong for what I did with him. I thought I would give him the money, but I know this will hurt his pride.

I only thought to apologize to him, but I felt that my apology alone was not enough to atone for my guilt.

In the end, I decided to take him to a place far from the palace until I talk to him alone and I said to myself I will apologize to him and even allow him to hit if this relief his sadness and his pain, so I need a place far from the palace and people so that no one sees us doing anything to me from his anger like slapping and telling King, or if we saw the Royal Guard, Narong's fate would be nothing but death, and I didn't want that. I didn't want to complicate matters anymore.

Narong POV

I sat in my room crying and cursing myself for what I did. After I got home, I felt remorse for what I told the princess. I told her, really, my secret. I told her that a gay prince and admirer is really

The princess was not shocked by my speech, of course, as it confirms her doubts

I think this helps in the plan of the crown prince, but I, with my great stupidity, told her that he is a one-sided love and that the crown prince does not love me, but he exploits his doubts in his favor and by saying this I think that I completely failed the crown prince's plan.

From fatigue and frequent thinking, I lost awareness and awoke after a few hours to the sound of my phone, the caller was the heir

I didn't know what to do, so I'm afraid to face him now, not just because of what happened between us, even though I don't know if anything happened or not?!

But with the third ring, I couldn't ignore the crown prince anymore. I was afraid that there was something important about his safety, so I gave up and answered the call and told him

N: Yes, sir

M: Why was I late in answering the call? Are you … are you okay ?!

N: Yes sir. I am fine. I just was sleeping. Not only that, but I am sorry. Is there anything important that you need me ?!

M: Oh, I don't … Nothing, I just want to meet you tomorrow

N: Yes sir, I will come early to the palace

M: No, I do not want to meet you there, I want to meet outside

N: outside ?!

M: Yes

N: Okay, please, Tell the guard's dust in detail, sir. Bring the guard Tar with you if you can, he is a strong and honest guard who will help me protect you outside.

M: No, I will not bring a guard. I want to be with you alone

N: What ?! No, no sir, this is a danger to your life

M: Stop arguing. I want to meet you alone. This is my order. Did you hear me ?!

N: Yes, sir

M: Well, our date-time is date time11:00. Goodbye, good night. See you tomorrow

N: Mm

I couldn't think well after the word of our appointment. I raised my hopes and said, will I have a date with me, with the crown prince, and we are really alone

After the end of the call, I remained in a state of confusion and enthusiasm at the same time until I fell asleep.

The next day I was standing in front of my door, shocked by the presence of the crown prince in a car waiting for me to take me with him and he did not come with the guard, as he told me and took me to a restaurant on the outskirts of the city

Fortunately, the people did not recognize the crown prince because he was wearing a mask that concealed his identity

After we asked for food from the waiter, he looked at me in earnest, took off the mask, and looked at me

And he started his conversation with me and the first thing he said to me

M: I want to take responsibility for what I did ?!

After hearing this sentence, I was shocked by what I heard, and I do not know what to say or how to take responsibility. I am not a girl to carry an heir or something, but he should take responsibility as I was a virgin.

Indeed, he is the first man who touches me, or even the first person of all time, because I have never fallen in love with someone else and I have never dated anyone

When I remembered this, I was furious… To be contented

End of chapter 6.



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