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Royal Heart BY Hana Tsuki Chapter 1

Royal Heart

Chapter 1 Our beginning

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Author POV

Screaming everywhere while the crown prince gets on the stage. Between the big gathering, a young man was looking closely at the prince's eyes while waiting for him to see his smile that illuminates his life with happiness. This young man was Narong, the girl who lost the right to be one, who had been in love with the crown prince since childhood, but she never tried to approach him or confess because she knows that her love is impossible.
While Mongkut the crown prince gives his speech, Narain known as Narong saw bullets coming at him.
She shouted and warned people at the event of the danger and without feeling, she was gone to him and instead of Mongkut she but for everyone; she was he a man who got shot, and Mongkut too got shot in the end the two stayed at the hospital for 3 weeks before they get charged from it.
As for the crown prince, after a while, he has given Narong the title and some money as a gift to thank him for saving his life. 

This was their first official meeting, and since this meeting, Narong left a good impression on Mongkut, so when his killing attempt repeated, and Mangkut wanted someone who could trust him, think about the young man who came across him in the event and who was the second generation of the guarding family of the palace and the royal family and because of his background The strong is this decision to make him his chief of guards. With this position, Narong got closer to his first love, which he thought would remain hidden in his heart for life.

But also this position and closeness were a big pain to Narong as he was responsible for his life and that was very scary to him and his personal life has been nonexistent since he accepted the position too as the Crown Prince brought him closer all the time, causing him greater injury as he witnessed him flirting with women and sometimes kisses with them in the car many times, and thus his love became more painful, but because of the danger he was protecting him from that why he couldn't leave him alone in these circumstances at least for now and with time Narong decided to give up his love too so he can get over him and focus on his job more. 

Until night came, what would change our story and finally develop Narain or Narong's love story the girl known as the most trusted man in the royal family with time from when will this one-sided love turn into mutual love.

Now I will let the love story owners tell you, it's detail 

P.S I will use he or him not she or her most of the time for Narain as I will Speak about her as a boy

Narong POV

Tonight, Mangkut seems upset. I don't know what happened. Since he left the king early, he become in a bad mood, now he asked me to go with him to the nightclub for him to drink and get rid of this frustration that he feels.

Although I am close to Mangkut and sometimes he treats me like friends, I do not try to interfere a lot in his personal life. My father has warned me a lot and said that our lives are different and that the king and the prince have some issues that they can't always share with others and therefore as workers for them & Servants of this country. we must stick to our borders with them, so they are the leaders of the state So I did not try to ask him about anything and I was hoping that he would tell me the thing that annoys him.

Seeing him, like that, hurts my heart even though I decided to give up my love for him he is still my first love and cares a lot for him and I wish him happiness

I cannot ignore him while I guarding him right and while I watched him in the nightclub, I found that he does not drink or flirt with girls, but he rejects them tonight also for the first time, this behavior was strange to him, during the three months that I worked with him he did not act like this never, and after a while, I was looking at him in the car he was looking through the window, I saw a tear coming from his eyes, and this worried me a lot, and I decided to talk the night before I went home with him so that I know what disturbs him, but when we are alone in order not to easily reject me, I can only act with him as a friend when we are alone

And after I brought him to his room and while I was checking the safety of the palace and making sure for his safety in the room, I saw him staring at me while sitting on the edge of his bed at the moment, I felt it was the right time to ask him, so after I finished the job, I got close to him and looked at him for a moment before I angered him and touched his cheeks and asked him while I smile to him

N: What is wrong with you today?

M: hum...

N: Now I am your friend, and I am not the guard, so answer me.

I cannot see my friend in pain without asking about him.

M: Friends yes you are my friend, right?

N: Yes of course I know we haven't known each other for a long time but I consider you a friend of mine, believe me.

M: I believe you; your eyes cannot be lying to me. Plus, I owe my life to you.

N: No, Your Highness, this is my duty, you do not owe me anything.

M: How did the word your Highness come to your tongue, you are my friend now, and not the guard, right?

N: oh yes huhu you're right Sorry.

M: okay I forgave you enough for today. Go home. I want to sleep now

N: Are you insisting on not telling Mongkut?

I was touching his shoulders while I was telling him the last sentence and looking at him anxiously, and he was exchanging me looks too with meaningful looks, but I did not understand anything at that time and when I found he was only looking without speaking to me, I decided not to disturb him and leave him alone now because he is drunk as he does not want to tell me also what happened to him, so I told him

N: Okay, you seem tired now, so I'll let you rest

M: Narong I don't know if I should tell you that ... I'm getting married soon

N: oh, that's great news

M: But I do not wish to marry her.

N: Her who is she?!

M: My cousin Fei

N: Princess Fei. I have heard that she is nice why do not you want to marry her?!

He looked at me with tears in his eyes, approached me, hugged me, and said with a sore heart

M: I cannot marry the daughter of my greatest enemy

N: An enemy how your uncle is an enemy for you.

M: I do not mean my uncle but his wife

N: How can she be your enemy, Mangkot. Please stop crying and tell me

M: It is she ... who is the cause of my mother's death?

N: What ... you are sure it is the cause of the Queen's death and how ... How do you know?! And why is she not punished yet?

M: I learned by chance and I could not collect enough evidence against her until now, but I heard it clearly when I was young and she spoke to someone at my mother's funeral and I told my father and he did not believe me because I did not have evidence and I was young, and now, forcing me to marry Fei, I don't know what to do?

N: I don't know what Nam should do now and we'll find out what to do tomorrow?

M: Really will you help me, yes, of course, Mongkut and thank you that you have given me your confidence and told me about your problem and I will be your friend I will help you.

I kept him away from my arms because he was talking to me about his problem and he is in my arms even though I was happy because he brought me close to him but I was sad because he is sad my heart cannot bear to see him like this.

While I was opening the door and most importantly leaving, I heard his voice calling my name, so I stopped and looked at him, and then he told me

M: Narong, can you ... can you stay with me tonight?!

N: Why are you afraid of danger today?!

M: No, but I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight with me until I sleep. Can you?!

N: But I have to go home

M: Please, I do not have a brother or sister nor a mother so that I share her sorrows, so stay with me tonight, please

N: Stop saying this, and you have a lot of loved ones all around you

M: But I don't trust anyone else, nor do I know why I feel like you are my best friend the only ones that I can trust.

N: Oh, how can I refuse your request now, after this talk, wait a little longer, I'll tell my dad

M: Do not go talk to him here in front of me

N: Okay okay I will talk here

Indeed, I informed my family that I would be late and maybe I will stay with the Crown Prince tonight and they did not object because this is my job.

Mongkut POV

I woke up with a great headache and started to remember the detail of the last night, and then I looked around. I saw Narong sleeping on the sofa, and then I remembered what happened at night even though I don't remember all the details. I remember our conversation very well.

Interrupt my thoughts by knocking on the door and interrupting Narong's sleep too

After a few minutes, the door was suddenly opened without warning or permission from Princess Fei, who entered angrily and told me

F: Wake up, bastard! I heard you refused to marry me and insulted me in front of your father

M: Stop shouting, you dirty girl get out of my room

F: What did you say, old man, you ...

She stopped talking when she noticed someone else in the room and looked at him deservedly

F: Who is this?! Have you stopped loving girls and started flirting with men, you bastard?

I looked at her angrily for a few moments, and then an idea came to my mind. it insane thought but it should work and for sure she will refuse to marry me, and she can't tell someone about the reason as no one will believe her, I will not be guilty in front of my father then.

M: For the first time you are smart, yes, he is my boyfriend,

Narong Chief of the Guard, and my beloved. Would you want to marry gay princess Fei because I love him, I will not leave him for you even if we are forced to be married, I will always be his lover will you agree that if you agree I will marry you.

F: What are you kidding me? I don't believe you; you are always with girls.

M: No, I am not kidding with you, believe me, I will prove it to you

Narong, watching the conversation in shock, looked at me, I approached him and kissed him on his lips and the weird thing was that he kissed me back and I was Shocked but...

To be continued

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