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Royal Heart BY Hana Tsuki Chapter 5

Royal Heart novel by hana tsuki

Chapter 5 Can I tell you a secret?!

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Author POV

When you are responsible for your people responsible in the world's eyes and your family too, and your country, when you are a very responsible person and you cannot do reckless things, you cannot live a teenage life in which you must be mistaken to gain life experiences and of course, the royal family princes know this very well so what the crown prince will do How will he take responsibility for what he did?!

This is the challenge of Crown Prince Mongkut, so how will he succeed in it? We will discover this as he tells his story to us.

Back to Crown Mongkut's room.

Mongkut POV

I was astonished by what I heard. I was shocked by what was happening. Suddenly, Narong looked at me and he looked sad as if he was about to cry,       and, then he told me.

N: Did we... Did we, do it?
I did not know what to tell him. I like him and do not remember the details of last night and I feel a headache, so I decided to ignore his question, and I said to him.

M: Can you are leaving now because I feel a headache?

I didn't know why I said this. I was not planning to say this, but the sentence just came out of my mouth. Then I saw a tear coming from Narong's eyes, and then he started looking around and collecting his clothes and grabbed them, and then he told me.

N:seean I see the bathroom before I go?!

All I could do was nod and then go to the bathroom and some minutes he got out of the bathroom dressed up and stood in front of me and said to me

N: I will go now, your happiness. If you need me, call me with your permission. I will go to my house today. I will ask a guard to be with you all day.

M: Hmm, go, I'll call you if you need anything.

Then Narong quickly rushed out of the room, and then I came back with a body that would come up on the bed and say on my mind,

M: What did you do... What happened last night... How will I take the responsibility for what happened? I hurt the closest person to me What will I do? Now.

Ideas were increasing in my mind and the headache was increasing, so I called the maid and asked her and attend breakfast and bring medicine to me so that I can think of the right way.

Narong POV

I have been trying to control myself while one of the guards spoke and confirmed the action, he needs to take to protect the crown prince today because I did not want to be near him today.

After I finished, I didn't look directly at him before I leave; I was on my way to my house, but my tears betrayed me and I began to cry suddenly, so I stayed in the garden of the palace. When I noticed that there was no one around me, so I decided to sit on one of the garden benches and surrender to tears.

While all that is on my mind now is that I did not want my first night to be with him without love and when he was crying, the princess saw him, so he went out quickly from the door of the palace to the garden, crying hard, so he started wiping his tears and approached her in concern and told her

N: Are you okay, Princess?!

F: Hmm, yes

She started wiping her eyes with her hands. She was trying to hide her tears, and after a few moments, she saw my red eyes and noticed that I was crying.

F: I am fine, but what happened to you? 

N: What?!

F: Why were you crying?!

I didn't know what to tell her and I was surprised by asked for me. Then she told me

F: If you don't want to say it's okay, it looks like your day was bad like me

N: Yes, very bad day

F: Ha-ha, have you had a fight with your girlfriend?

N: Ha, no, I do not have a girlfriend, my princess

F: Oh, and why don't you have one

N: Because... Because I...

F: If you don't want to tell me, it's okay

Then I looked away from me, pondering the roses in the garden, and after a few moments I noticed his tears, and I did not resist after seeing them.

F: I heard that saying what annoys you relieves pain, so I will tell you. I had a fight with my mother. What about you? What happened to you?

N: I loved someone I shouldn't fall in love with

F: Ha, why shouldn't you fall in love?

N: I hate myself. I hate being like this.

My tears started coming out of my eyes last time. I put my hands on my shoulder and started trying to comfort me and tell me

F: everything will be fine... Everything has fine now. Stop crying.

I felt at the time that I was very weak and that I could not bear the pain and felt the desire to tell someone my secret, so I looked at her while I was trying to prevent my tears and try to wipe them. I told her.

N: Can I tell you a secret, Princess?!

F: Yes, of course, you can but stop crying first

N: I am in love with...

At that moment, I felt that I had acquired a new friend. I was so emotional that I did not think about the danger that I present myself to and the Crown Prince too... To be contained.

End of Chapter 5



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