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Royal Heart BY Hana Tsuki Chapter 4

Royal Heart novel by hana tsuki

Chapter 4 what really happened?!

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Author POV

Destiny writes our happiness in the most unexpected way

Also, forgetting is a blessing greater than being a bite, as it helps us to survive and shatter our hearts with difficulty and the worst of it is that we do not find guilty until we blame him for breaking our hearts.

Love is the most beautiful pain

l will leave you with our characters to uncover the clues of my complicated words, I leave you with the Crown Prince Mongkut.

Mongkut POV

The situation was a little calm while I was involved in events related to the royal family. I was trying to put a tight plan in my spare time and sometimes discuss Narong the plan I felt that he became a close friend this period more than before because he is now a secret keeper as he has become my friend in my concerns

I didn't tell anyone for fear of the failure of the plan if a lot of people knew about it and I was afraid of my friends' reaction too to my claim that I am gay in front of Princess Fei.

The idea of spreading his rumor that I was gay also scared me a little, for I am the crown prince of the destiny of the royal family and all the people depend on me and my children in the future.

Suddenly, the king asked to see me two weeks after my last meeting to tell me that he was attending my birthday party, in which I would announce my engagement to Princess Fai. I was shocked and told him

M: What ... What did you say?!

His engagement ... How did I not refuse this marriage....and does the princess agree?

King: First, I do not accept your answer. This is a decision related to the future of the royal family. Secondly, yes, the princess agrees. She is not stupid like you.

M: What ... Dad, I am

Boycott my words alone and the looks of defiance of his matter told me

King / Speech is over, you can leave now.

M: But ...

King: Go out and prepare yourself for tomorrow's party.

I got out of the room, and I was disappointed and decided to implement my plan, Narong, no matter the risks, and despite all my fears, so I went to know me and told Narong to come to my room.

Narong POV

The crown prince requested that I come to his room even though it was late at night and after I was authorized to go home, I knew at the time that something had happened and could not be postponed, so I was very worried while I was on my way to it.

When I got to the room, I found him sitting with his hand on his head, and he seemed very frustrated and I was worried, so I asked him

N: did you ask for me, your Highness?!

M: yes

N: is it something wrong?!

M: hmm ... It is the time I'm for beginning our plan searching has asking me to marry the princess and he will give me a birthday party so he can tell the people that I am engaged to her.

N: what for real?!

M: Yeah, for real I don't know why the princess has agreed to this marriage so we need to make her believe that I'm gay and you are my lover once again and we need to do that at my birthday party so she will refuse this engagement before the king.

N: and what will happen if she doesn't refuse it?!

M: I don't know I hope she will.

Mongkut POV

I woke up naked on the bed. I felt a terrible headache. When I tried to move, I found that I could not. I feel heavy on my body. I opened my eyes and looked at my side. I found Narong embracing me while he was half-naked.

From the impact of Surprise, I suddenly moved away from him, and he fell to the ground because of my sudden movement.

Then he woke up and looked at me in shock, too, and we said with one united voice

(M) and (N): What happened?!

Narong POV

I woke up on a trail of bed and while I was looking at myself, I looked in front of me and found the crown prince on the bed naked I looked around and found myself in his room

And I discovered that I fell from his bed, so I said with a loud voice

N: What happened?!

After a few moments, the memories started coming back to me


The crown prince and Narong have arrived at the Christmas party in a state of tension over what could happen and Mangkot has planned some things to raise the suspicion of the princess more so that she refuses to marry before the announcement.

One of the things that the crown prince requested of me was to enter the birthday cake and stay close to him all the time, and if the princess was close to him, take them away and hold his hand in front of the princess as much as possible. This plan succeeded, I think, after about half an hour from what I did in front of the princess, I went away from Crown Prince.

So, we felt comfortable and the Crown Prince's decision to go to the bar to drink some wine to celebrate the plan's success. I remember that I shared his drinking after his insistence. After all this, I remember our kisses and we are on the bed. I don't know what really happened, I feel confused.


I looked at the prince puzzled and said with a shaky voice

N: I do not know your highness

I was feeling low back pain and I think it's from fallout from the bed, but the really strange thing is the pain in my ass

All I thought about at this moment while holding my back in pain, did we do it ... Have we really made love?! I was repeating this question in my mind while trying to understand what happened to me.

Author POV

Elsewhere in the palace, in Princess Fay's room, she was sitting with tears in her eyes, while she heard her mother's screaming of her in anger.

(Princess Fei's mother): You fool, you lost our only chance to make him marry you.

End of Chapter 4



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