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Royal Heart BY Hana Tsuki Chapter 3

Royal Heart

Chapter 3 Fake Lover

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Author POV

It may seem to us that we are in control of our lives, but we do not realize first that we want to recognize that we are walking according to a plan that we did not set, but it was placed for us, and this is what we call the name of destiny?!

Breast, my words seem meaningless to you now, but the characters of my novel will explain my purpose will be explained to you to you, so I leave you now. 

Mongkut POV

After a long thought, an idea came to me, but the most difficult thing about it was to persuade Narong because I cannot force him on it because it endangers his life and I did not know how to start my conversation with him, so in the end, I decided to take him with me to a nice place to eat and then discuss it.

After some time, I called Narong and asked him to eat breakfast with me and I apologized to my family for not being able to eat with them today because I have an important meeting. This raised the king's suspicion because he knows my schedule, but he did not prevent me from going.

After some time, Narong come to the restaurant with me, but he had something strange about him, he was smiling at me for no reason along the way, and his clothes were not formal today. He was wearing a white shirt and pants in the same color, and it was amazing to me that today I chose the same color for my clothes too.

We were wearing the same clothes as his brother or loved ones, and this made me feel strange and increased my tension without a logical reason while we were in the restaurant eating our taste in silence.

After we finished eating, Narong asked for juice while I asked for wine in order to reduce tension and until I had some courage to discuss this with him.

After the waiter finished taking the order and went, Narong looked at me, asked and asked me

N: Hm Mang ... I mean your happiness

M: You can call me by my name, and we are alone. Didn't I tell you that, Narong?!

N: Oh yeah ... your happiness, I mean Mongkut.

M: So..i..mms. Do you want a cup of wine like me first?

N: No, no, I do not drink during the day, and now also at my working time it is impossible

M: You have a right, Narong

N: So why? Why do you drink today? Did something happen?

M: To gather my courage

N: Courage!

M: Narong, will you become my lover?!

N: Ha, what do you say, Lover?

Narong POV

I was in shock and my heart and thought mandate after I heard his words. I thought I was dreaming. This cannot be a reality. I was shocked, frightened, and happy at the same time. Many mixed feelings. I did not understand what to do. Shocked by his question, he was afraid of my feelings for him and glad that I heard the sentence. That she dreamed of years ago. 

I got out of staying after he got up from his chair and came and sat next to me and grabbed my hand and touched me assuring me that I'm not in a dream and then he told me 

M: I want you to be my fake lover

N: What do you mean?!

M: I know that this plan puts you at risk, but I need your help. I want you to treat me like a lover in front of Princess Fei. 

N: What does it mean?

M: Will you really help me?!

I was thinking, as I looked into his eyes, from which tears were coming, and his anxious voice 

N: I was sure that something was wrong, that he really needed my help, a dangerous plan, and that my love for him was dangerous, but I would be able to be with him even if everything was false, I would be his lover even if I die, my life is a sacrifice for his happiness.

Then I decided to help him and told him, while I held his hand over my hand, and I did this until I showed my support to him, and then I told him 

N: Of course, I am your bodyguard, one of your people, and most importantly, I am your friend. 

He smiled at me and then pulled away from me a little and grabbed my shoulder and then told me
M: Thank you, my friend

N: Never mind, can you tell me the details of your plan now?! 

M: Of course, everything I need from you to be an accomplished actor I want you to be my lover in front of her, my lover in front of people 

N: Hmm, I did not understand what you mean by these words?!

M: Well, now I will tell you what I mean

And then he began to explain to me his plan, as he wanted people to doubt my relationship with the princess so that he could persuade the king to prevent marriage while the princess's suspicion of our relationship increased so that we even refused to marry at the same time.

Author POV

What do you think will happen? Will their plan succeed? 

Or is the plan of a destiny different?

I will end this chapter with these two questions.

End of chapter 3



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