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Royal Heart BY Hana Tsuki Chapter 2

Royal Heart novel by hana tsuki

Chapter 2 keep the secret

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Author POV

How much can people pay to keep a secret?!

Does any topic keep a secret forever?

This question that this chapter asks from my story.

I will not talk to you long now and I will leave the heroes of our story to complete it with you now. Patient, loving Narong will continue his talk about his love story for the Crown Prince.

Narong POV

I can't resist his kiss I was in shock but I kiss him back because his lips were very tempting.

He was shocked too but he kept kissing until we heard princess Fai scream at us than we Separated from this sweet kiss that I wished to have every day.

F: what are you doing slut?!

M: what did you say you filthy?!

Mongkut approached her and was about to slap her when I noticed that. I went to them to prevent the fight before the issue grew and the king knew about it.

N: Please calm down before the people in the palace hear you and the matter reaches the king.

The two of them stopped talking, and the princess began to calm down and try to understand the situation as we all try this. For his part, I am shocked by the Crown Prince's statement and the fact that he kissed me.

Suddenly, we felt the looks of the princess to us, and the strange thing is that she looked at us with compassion, we did not understand the reason until she said

F: And what will you do, my cousin, because your love is impossible, and may even lead to your death if the king knows? !!!!!!!!

When I heard her words, I felt the difficulty of the reality in which I live. Indeed, her words were true on his part, even if my dream came true and I became the lover of the crown prince. This may lead to our death.

M: I know ... I know, but my heart will not bear to turn away from him and marry you or marry. anyone else

He said this in a soft voice, and he is looking sad

I told myself that he is an excellent actor and this is not strange, because he must have this talent so that the enemies do not take advantage of his feelings as a weapon against him.

F: O poor you, I do not know what to say, cousin

M: Don't say anything to keep a secret, as I know you consider me a brother so that why did you get angry at me for refusing to marry you! Haha

F: Because of my mother, she got so angry at me, you know that I cannot upset her

M: Uh, your mother, and why I got angry at you

F: I do not know where it came to her the idea that we have loved each other for a while and that. you have deceived me Haha

M: Really Haha, our parents really weird.

F: Yaa they are weird.

The princess said this a little strange with looks that I did not understand at this time, and after moments of silence, the crown prince told her.

M: So, what are you going to do?

P: What do you mean?!

M: Will you keep the secret?

F: Yes, of course, but I must warn you. You must act with a ban. Also, I am really afraid of you, cousin.

M: Do not be afraid. I will definitely find a solution to the issue. What concerns me now is how will we convince our parents to cancel marriage? !!!

F: Do not worry, I will convince them of my way

M: Really, thank you, cousin, I do not know what to say other than thank you very much

F: It is okay. I need your help in my love life one day. Haaa, do not forget to help me then

M: Of course, I will not forget

After they finished talking the princess looked at me and told me

F: So, brave young man, are you ready to face death for my cousin?!

N: Of course, I said it with confidence and without hesitation

F: It seems that you found the right lover, cousin, she said this while winking towards the crown prince

M: Yes, of course, and do you have any doubts about this? !!!

F: So, young man, are you ready to declare your love in front of the king and his entire mother and demand that you possess the future heart of the king? !!!!!

I looked at her shocked and silent for a while and then dome with a smile and great confidence so my love is really great for him and I am ready to do everything necessary to get it

N: Yes, at any time, if I may, I will challenge him all over the world to own it

The crown prince looked at me with astonishment and amazement at my answer. Suddenly he grabbed my hand, approached my ear, and said to me

M: You really are a good actor, friend, and thank you

N: But I really mean this, I said this to myself

After noticing the crown prince paused and looked at the princess again, she was looking at us with a smile, and she told us

F: Stop love birds, I am still here

M: I apologize because I cannot hold back my love for him even before you, I love him so much

The crown prince said his sentence with a smile, and then he looked at me one last time and printed his kiss on my cheek, which caused me shyness and turned my face red.

F: To this degree, you love him well. I apologize that I was spare your own time.

Now I will see you for breakfast. Don't be late.

M: Okay

F: Well, I will go now. See you later, bye, brave young man

.M & N: Goodbye

Mongkut POV

After my cousin left, I felt comfortable and anxious too. I am amazed at what happened and I do not know how this idea came to my mind. At the same time, anxiety if the idea really will succeed, I know that Fei does not hide anything from her mother and that worries me I am afraid that I give my enemy a weak point for the first time.

Then he noticed this young man standing next to me, looking quietly at me, as he was waiting. for an order from me, so I looked at him and told him

M: Thank you very much for helping me today. You can go now.

N: Okay, Your Majesty

After Narong left, I sat a little thinking about my next step until it came to me, an idea that will increase the princess's suspicions so that she insists on canceling the marriage and on the other hand, I will not be in trouble before the king.

Also, through this plan, I will be able to approach more than my uncle's wife so that I can collect evidence against him and achieve justice for my mother.

In order to be able to implement my plan, I needed Narong help, but I have doubts, so I do not trust that he will implement my plan and keep the secret in exchange for fulfilling me only.

I had no idea about Narong's personal life, which I can actually persuade him to implement without doubting him or betray me halfway.

So, I asked to see a worker in the national protection that can easily know the life of any person. Indeed, he came with all the information that I requested in addition to two shocking information about him. I really did not expect this ... to be completed.

End of Chapter 2.



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