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mine 24/7 novel (Completed)

mine 24/7
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Simple rules

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PS. I don't own anything besides the characters and the story, the photos I use are not mine.

Author P o v

Live is love ♥️ all Romantic minds think like that, Right!!! 

What do you think (Mongkut) haaa Do you hear my love?!!! 

The Girl looks at the ocean and asks for an answer to her question 

As she doubts her relationship with her lover after two years of dating.

Mongkut, still looking at his phone and checking his emails 
And doesn't look at his lover who coming with him on this vacation.

Can we know that person?!

We are in love with is the perfect partner for our lives with this question

 I begin my story ✏️📝? 

But before, let's get to know our characters.



(The Name Nariah means the lamp or lantern of God)

Age: 23

Profession: bodyguard

she is a very sharp woman who has a good body and a pleasant personality 
 after college, she decided to be a bodyguard as her mother is very ill
 And she needs money. She tried to continue studying 
as she was working a part-time job

At the gym, but the money wasn't enough for her mother's medicine 
And treatment that's why her friend Gon, the owner of the gym 

that she works in has asked her to be a bodyguard for a business owner 

as he needs one for his safety and he needs protection right away 

as his last guard has betrayed him, and he was about to die 

that’s why he has a problem with trusting professional guards 
 and he asked For an unprofessional guard

 As he requires someone to trust more, not only to protect him.
He requires someone to be his friend; he requires someone who deserves the trust.

And she accepted the offer as she was needing the money so much.

 She thought that's a good idea to deal with her anger.

And she loves to hit people. She was a boxer, after all.

Now she works for this business owner, his name is Mongkut.

And at this time she needed his money after some time.

She all needed his love & attention more than money.

As he fell in love with him and now, she not only works for him

 but she is his girlfriend.


 (The Name Mongkut means 👑 Crown)

Age: 30

Profession: Businessman

He is a businessman who has entered the business because his father is a businessman 
But besides that; he was a member of the Mafia who has to clean some money
 For mafia business with his company, but he wasn't a bad guy or Mafia.

He was cleaning his business from all this*** but his friends 
And some of his family members were mafias.

That's why his life has been always in danger, despite that his business was clean 
 his friends were not that clean and his family too

 and some of his business partners as well 

and that caused him problems with some bad people's 

and police sometimes, that's why he needs protection all the time.

 And he found love and trust finally in the eyes and arms of his love Nariah.

Thank you for reading to the end and I hope you like the story



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