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Royal Heart BY Hana Tsuki (intro)

Royal Heart


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Author POV 

I was inspired by the events of this novel in the month of love, February 2020, and I did not delay in publishing it at this time, and the rights of the story go back to this time., And without prolonging and too much talking.

The main Characters

Mongkut Sittichai As Thailand Crown prince

(The Name Mongkut means 👑 Crown)

Age: 28

A strong and Wise young man he was born into a Royal family, and he will be the next King after his father as he is the first hair.

He was always busy trying to protect himself and his little sister from enemies.

And when he felt that the danger is to match for him to handle as he has been exposed to near-death  
6 months ago, this was when he needed someone to trust and protect him and his family that's when he met his soulmate Narong.

Narain as Narong Virote

The Name Narong Mean to make war or in this case, means fighter, and Virote means power)

the second generation of the royal family guard

Age: 23

A stubborn girl who disguises herself as a boy for her family and lived her whole life as a boy She is very straightforward when she speaks about her thoughts and that caused her problems all the time  
Still, she gets to know her/his best friend Miles from High School, and from that time on he was the only friend that she ever had 

Then one day she was listening to her father while he was telling her she has to guard the crown prince as he asked for her as his personal guard and with time, she becomes his chief of guards and from here her love story begin.


On a very cold rainy night, a boy and a girl are born into the Virote family the protective family of the royal family, but within two weeks the boy dies due to fever and keeps the girl alive and the mother is depressed after the death of her son and because of the difficult pregnancy conditions died a month after birth leaving her only daughter and her husband at the time and because of these difficult circumstances and the great responsibility that this family has, the family decided to raise the girl in the name and personality of her brother so that their reign continues to protect the royal family and if he marries The father again and has a boy who takes care of the protection after her.

That's why the girl lived as a boy all her life, and only her father and grandfather knew her secret and that's why Narain become Narong,


Sneak Peek

Screaming everywhere while the crown prince got on the stage, Between the big gathering, a young man was looking closely at the prince's eyes while waiting for him to see his smile that illuminates his life with happiness. This young man was Narong the girl who lost the right to be one, who had been in love with the crown prince since childhood, but she never tried to approach him or confess because she knows that her love is impossible.

While Mongkut the crown prince gives his speech Narain known as Narong saw bullets coming at him.

She shouted and warned people in the event of the danger and without hesitation, she went towards the bullets, and instead of Mongkut she got shot, but in the end, Mongkut too got shot then the two stayed at the hospital for 3 weeks before they get charged from it.

As for the crown prince, after a while, he has given Narong a new title and some money as a gift to thank him for saving his life.

This was their first official meeting, and since this meeting, Narong left a good impression on Mongkut, so when his killing attempt was repeated, and Mangkut wanted someone who could trust, the thought of the young man who came across him in the event and who was the second generation of the guarding family of the palace and the royal family and now he because his background 

And soon he decided to make him his chief of guards. With this position, Narain got closer to her first love, which she thought would remain hidden in her heart for life

But she wasn't happy with this position and closeness was a big pain to her as she was responsible for his life and that was very scary to her and her personal life has been nonexistent since she accepted the position too as the Crown Prince brought her closer to him all the time, causing her greater pain as she witnessed him flirting with women and sometimes kissed them in front of her many times, and that's why her love became more painful with time, but because of the danger she was protecting him from she couldn't leave him alone in these circumstances at least for now and with time Narain decided to give up her love for him and so she can get over him she only focused on her job.

Until one night came to change our story and finally his one-sided love turned into mutual love with time after this night so what will happen in Narain or Narong's love story was the girl who was known as the most trusted man in the royal family.



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