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mine 24/7 novel Chapter 9

mine 24/7

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Nariah POV

What do I do? I can't move away from it, no matter how much I think, I end up with one result, which is to stay close as he is my life my love my everything.

My words may seem inconsistent, but the words of the mind are not heard when the heart rules.

My life has become like a dream with his sweet talk and his kind behavior every moment I've spent with him these past few days.

And after making love this time. We have not returned it, because of his health but this didn't stop us from kissing and sleeping in each other arms each day because of my stubborn lover.

After a month and a half, finally, the doctor allowed Mangkut to practice his life as normal. After examining him and making sure of his health, they removed the plaster that was on his leg and hand. When the doctor told him this good news, he looked at me with a certain luster.

I knew then that this night will not pass in peace, but I did not mind, as I missed him too

All the way home, Mongkut was looking at me and smiling, and he seemed to be willing to fly home if he could.

When we got home as soon as the house door was locked, he grabbed my hand and brought me closer to him and we started moving as we exchanged kisses and removed clothes from each other until we got to the bedroom.

Suddenly, Mangkot raised me until we reached the bed and now I am up and exchanging kisses, then I paused moments until I watched his expressions and when I saw the looks of love and ecstasy in which I did not hold myself much and started to kiss him deeply and then I moved him until I shouted to the bed and started kissing him in Adam's apple and kissing his neck and then I moved to his chest I kissed his nipples and make it wet and play with it by my fingers as he twists by every move I do to him.

M: oh, baby aaaa you are so sexy aaah

N: You were not the only one waiting for this

I told him this while I look at him with glamor and distort

Then I removed his underwear and I took his penis in my mouth, licking him and touching it slowly, to play with his mind to beg me as he had done to me several times, and from his expressions now I think I succeeded

So, I stopped and looked at him

M: What happened why did you stop?!

N: Khun Phi ... bag me

M: haa No stop teasing

N: Please ask me to extinguish the fires of your desires with my mouth

M: Oh my God, you make me do really crazy things

N: I am not half of your madness now please ask me

M: Please, please baby...aaaaah so good harder ohhhhh

As soon as I heard these words, I couldn't hold them any longer, I also wanted to organ. Then I took his lips into my mouth deeply as possible, and speed the movement until he cum

Moments later he raised me to him and started kissing me and we continued to take off our clothes until we were completely naked

He started kissing me everywhere and playing with me as I did for him, he did not lose sight of his revenge on me quickly and made me beg him to enter his member in me.

We had sex a lot and we came more than once, until I fainted over his chest, as our bodies longed for us to squeeze out, because it was a long wait.

I dreamed of a very beautiful dream, which is about me and her. We were at a beach and I asked for her hand in marriage. I did not know why I felt that this dream was a memory not only a dream, but I hesitated to ask about this when I woke up and found her playing with my hair While smiling, then she said

M: Hi my love, did you sleep well?

N: Yes

Then he approached me and kissed my lips I was in shock at first, I did not accustom to this, or I am... oh, the lost memory gives me confusion. I said this to myself while I kissed her back this morning kiss, I guess.

After what I did, I felt shy and hidden inside the blanket while he was smiling and lifting the blanket from me, holding the headrest close to me, and hitting me towards him until he moved away from the blanket from me. He took it, smiled, suddenly I found him SMELLING IT and told me

M: Oh, I smell you in the blanket, I love your smell

N: It stops. You make me shy

M: Okay, Okay

N: I want to ask a question?

M: Go ahead, my love

He said this and approached and hugged me

N: Hmm ... did we go to a beach before?

M: Hmm, yes, why did you ask, did you remember ?!

N: I don't know. I dreamed of the beach and yours too, and I was ... hmm making the marriage proposal to me

M: While I remembered this wonderful thing... I think such moments that make me know the meaning of love

N: What is the meaning of love ?!

M: To be near you and make memories with you so that we remember them together to grow old and die while we embrace each other.

N: Oh, it looks like you like the notebook movie so much hahaha

M: Yes, really... Now can we do it one last time, please

N: No no..aahh We haven't had breakfast yet! You are really a monster kissing huhu

To be continued ... End of chapter 9

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I feel very sorry to say that the next chapter maybe will be the end of book 1 of this story I hope you did enjoy their journey and I will write book 2 of this story soon If I can have more ideas for the book I will continue writing then but right now I don't know what to write more as I feel that they had their happy ending so I don't want to spoil it for you with more problems so I think my next book about this story will be how they meet and fell in love.



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