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mine 24/7 novel Chapter 8

mine 24/7

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Mongkut POV

M: Oh, Nariah I love you so much, don't leave, please.

N: I love you too, but...

M: no but please I cannot live without you.

N: but what about your friends they said that you will be married soon I can't live in the dark I can't be your mistress I cannot share you with anyone else.

M: you will not

N: what do you mean?!!

M: I mean I broke up with her I don't think it's not really a breakup because I didn't be in a relationship was her I will and always be yours I can't cheat on you believe me.

N: haha really but why and how about your family Mongkut?!!

M: Oh, relax my love I will explain everything but can I have you first.

N: huhu stop teasing me and tell me what really happened?!!

M: I'm not teasing you I need to be with you tonight I can't be away from you now any longer can I kiss you at least?!!

N: No, you are sick we can't do it all the time that's why I was ignoring you I was afraid that we will do this to me.

M: haha really you were not thinking about breaking up with me you were afraid to be with me?!!

I saw how she looks into my eyes as she wants to eat me alive but couldn't she was very sexy and I couldn't hold anymore when I saw her soft lips 💋 so we ended up kissing for minutes before we can't breathe so we stopped kissing for some time then she was trying to leave the room after she calmed down little but as always, I didn't allow her to leave.

M: come here

N: what are you doing get of me I want to leave

M: Not before I cum inside you honey

N: stop phi don't ...

I didn't allow her to continue and I kissed her again but harder this time and then I hold her hands to go the bad while kissing her and after a few seconds I begin to tease her by butting my cock on her and moved I moved slowly over her while we still dressed while I kissed her body to make her lose her mind and lose control and that exactly what happened after minutes.

M: oh, baby little Nariah needs help.

N: aah stop aah p..please naa

M: do you want me really to stop now baby.

And then I stopped and looked at her to make sure my eyes were asking her for permission because I did not want to force her to do anything like this, but as soon as I stopped, she said to me

N: Phi why did you stop?!

M: because you're asking me to stop

N: oh okay, that's right you're still sick get off me so I can go to the bathroom ... I cut her off by putting my hand on her dress, and I started fingering her.

When I heard her moan that was more than enough for me to complete what I was doing and I removed her clothes and mine too then I slowly moved so I can set her up on her right on the bed to start to make love after a while.

N: oh, phi what aah yooou doing AAAA

M: Do you like it?!

I said it with a smirk on my eye

N: yaa aaaah don't stop faster please oh more phi more.

I did what I asked until I make her cum on my hand and because she was so sexy, I wanted to make her cum once again so I begin to lick and suck her after a minute or two from the first time she cum once again.

M: cum once again for me baby, please

N: aaaah I...I

M: what baby?!

N: I aaah comeing phi aaaaaa.

And she cum for the second time, then we went wild kissing

While we kissed each other, we suck and lick our tongues too, which makes us feel more excited. I did not stop with her lips only, but I kissed her neck and toyed with her nipples. I was making her really in a mess completely until she told me

N: Fack... Ahah please Fack me again cum inside me Aaah, please

M: I will baby but I need you to jerk me first.

N: oh Okay.

M: oh, so good more na aaaaah.

N: I finish it please now cum inside me I need your cock not only your fingers, please.

I did what I asked after I put on a condom.

N: ahhhhh

M: oh God you are so tight dear oh I love you baby ahh.

M: baby you are so sexy I think I can't live without you I love you so much ♥️.

I said this while I look at her when she was sleeping next to me and when she heard me turned to see me and said to me

N: I love you too phi.

End of chapter 8

Author note

I am sorry that this chapter is a little short I hope all of you like it, don't forget to comment on it see you next Chapter.



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