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mine 24/7 novel Chapter 7

mine 24/7

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Mongkut POV

It was 8 am when I woke up next to her and saw her beautiful face I started thinking like I do every time after seeing her face how this angel can be with me. I love to watch her sleep next to me and after a few seconds, I realized last night was our last time together she wants to leave me.

I didn't know what to do I can't wait and see her leaving me so I decided to go out before she woke up.

I was driving like a crazy person I don't know what to do let her go or make her stay with me by force while I was in deep thinking I saw a little boy Crossing the Street and I was about to hit him but I managed to heat a tree instead.

When I woke up in the hospital, I saw Nariah sleeping next to me and holding my hand I was very happy to see her as she was the last thing in my head at the time of the accident, I couldn't afford to lose her all I wanted then is seeing her pretty face once again.

Moments later I decided to touch her to believe that she was really here and that I don't dream of her while I am sleeping, and when I did this Nariah woke up and looked at my face with concern, and when she realized that I woke up he holds my hand more and said with a warm smile.

N: How are you feeling now?!!

M: Yes, fine but ... how did...d You...

N: Don't speak you are still tired I will call the doctor, please be quiet for now we will talk later, anyone nurse please call the doctor in here Mongkut is awake tell the doctor, please.

The doctor: what happened?!

Nurse: the patient is awake.

The doctor started examining me he smiled after he thought that I am in better health, and out of danger now, then said that I can go out after a few days, but of course, I will need treatment for 3 to 6 months because I have a broken arm and my legs too. I will not be able to move naturally for a short period.

After two weeks I got out of the hospital and throughout this period Nariah was taking care of me and we did not talk about the breakup or his desire for separation before the accident I felt great joy that this accident occurred despite the pain but the idea that makes me thank God every day after this accident is Nariah stayed with me and that made me very happy.

After 2 months I can't take it, I had to have Nariah she was always near me but all I could have from her is her smile I don't complain but what can I do I am a man and still young and horny all the time because of her.

I know that this was for my health the distance that she try to keep but I was feeling so disappointed and after some thinking, I thought that she stopped loving me, and she was taking care of me because of guilt as we didn't talk about our last conversation when she talked about separation so I decide to take her tonight as I was feeling better now and to make sure she is still mine and that she loves me.

I do not know the reason for this feeling of fear, but Nariah 's behavior with me used to worry me because she is close to me and cares for me, but she does not look much into my eyes or my body. I used to feel that she gets away from me, and because of this feeling that affected me and increased my fear she leaving me alone.

Nariah POV

I don't know what's wrong with me. I cannot decide what to do with Mongkut. I want to stay with him, but I don't want to bear his betrayal too. I just want him to be for me only. I don't want to share him with her these days. I cannot even look into his eyes because of this thought. I cannot resist my desires for a long time and my fear is taking me away from him right now I know but thought that he may ask me to leave him now if he knows that I still want to break up with him but I want to check on him before I go, but sometimes I cannot lie to myself too, I love him so much, and despite my decision, I am still looking for excuses to stay with him.

My mind was cut off by the alarm sound at 8 pm I said to myself at this time, Mongkut should take the medicine now, I got up from the sofa that I was sleeping on and stepped out of my thoughts to go to his room to give him medicine.

When I saw that he was sleeping peacefully on the bed, I looked at him for a while, pondering the face of the sleeper, as I was afraid to see his eyes. After a while, I went to wake him up to make him take the medicine. After he took it and I was about to go out, he grabbed my hand and said to me

M: Why do you ignore me, will you leave me again Nariah?

N: what?!

M: Don't leave me and go, please

He said his last sentence as he looked into my eyes and tears began to fall from his eyes, I could not bear to see him like this so I embraced him so badly, as soon as I saw his eyes, I could not bear to leave him and this was what I was afraid of afraid to give in to his love and suffer more.

end of chapter 7

A/N Sorry guys that this chapter is Filled with emotion.

Please don't forget and comment I want to hear your thoughts about this and I'm sorry that I was late in uploading.



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