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mine 24/7 novel Chapter 6

mine 24/7

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Nariah POV

I didn't know why I said it I didn't know that I could say it to him because as much I am hurting, I love him more every day because it still hurts I couldn't be with him anymore but I didn't expect myself when I said it I tried to say it so many times after his engagement but I couldn't when I see his eyes his face my love to him make me stay with him even my heart hurts every time that I see his back when he got out of our house 💔😢.

I was looking at him in shock and waiting for his answer and I was hoping he's will say no but he said

M: Is that what you really want?!

N: yes, I cannot take it anymore please let's break up.

I said in a calm & broken voice.

M: As you wish I cannot stay with someone who doesn't trust me who doesn't love me I know you have forgotten me I was a big fool to think that my love for you will make your stay with me, but can I ask you for a favor before you leave.

N: Name it and I will do it for you.

I said it while I try to stop my tear 😢.

M: Can I have you one last time.

when he said that I was very surprised I didn't know how to react he wants me even though I was the one leaving him how can I leave him after that is this his plan can I accept his favor can I do it for him for us I thought to myself and then I said

N: you can have me one last time.

Then he looked into my eyes for a moment then pondered me, and touched my lip with his finger when he was on top of me and then began to kiss me softly that made my heart beat heavily and I opened my mouth and allowed him in and our kiss began to turn into a kiss full of desires possessed kiss that I didn't want to end as if we wanted to stop time at this moment.

We stopped kissing after a few seconds so we could breathe a little and after we calmed down a little bit, we started taking off our clothes until we were completely naked.

Mongkut kissed me again on my lips and then on my chin and then on top of my neck and began to leave a mark on my neck while I was feeling pain and pleasure together and screaming in his name it was very hard for me just kissing him make me want him to touch me makes me in a state of great ecstasy, All I can think of now is that I want it his inside me.

When he noticed that my bottom needed more attention, he started to touch it and with his smile, he told me

M: Little Nariah needs me down more right.

I closed my eyes when I heard him because I feel shy and all I could do was nodding

Then he began to move his hands up and down slowly until I felt a great desire to have sex and suddenly, he stopped, so I opened my eyes and looked at him then he spoke

M: Ask me...ask me to fuck you hard tonight and make you come

N: Why do you want to make me shy every time and make me ask you this?! Last time in the. bathroom too, you did that to me.


While Mangkut licks and sucks a Nariah in her bottom area while they bathe together.

He suddenly stopped and looked up and when he saw me closing my eyes, he asked me to open them and ordered me to look at him and when I did that, he asked me to ask him to fuck me hard.

Back to the present

I didn't have a choice I ask him and he began to suck and lick me with his mouse this time until I come. After that, he gets the condom he then entered me slowly, and after a few minutes he started to move quickly and forcefully he did it hard this time really hard it really hurts I think because he was angry.

We stayed looking at each other for a while on the bed and did not know where the strength came from but all I was thinking was that this was our last time together, I asked him to fuck me for the second time, and indeed, we did it again.

The next day I woke up and did not find him next to me again, like what happened several times during this week and I felt sadder, as I expected that today at least he will remain I say goodbye to him for the last time before I leave him forever.

I woke up and get ready to go from his house and I was feeling so f****** hurt and my heart hurt me so much I was heartbroken and I wasn't sure what will I do or where I will go but all I could think about is that I should go now I should leave now because I know if I see him again I will not leave him & I know that I said what I said because I was drunk I know if I see his eyes now if I feel his heart I will get weaker and I will stay with him even if his love still hurts so much.

After a little thinking, I decided to go to my old house my mother's house I was trying not to go there because I will enter this house without her beside me this time or without her waiting for me in it all this just made me very sad and I thought that I couldn't go there alone but I have to do it this time because this time I am really alone for good now I don't have Mangkut anymore I don't have my mother anymore I don't have anyone, then while I was packing my bag I had a call... Chapter 6 End.

Arthur POV

What do you think guy what is happening?!! waiting for your thoughts and thank you so much for reading my story I hope you did enjoy it see you in the next chapter.

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