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mine 24/7 novel Chapter 5

mine 24/7

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Nariah POV

Even if I forgot about him even if my memories are few about him, my heart still hurts, my love for him is slowly killing me with Jealousy and the idea that I will lose him and that he will marry someone soon despite my attempts to ignore this

It is still a fact that he is engaged to another, even though I understand the importance of his engagement for his family While I am waiting for him now all that makes me cry and make me suffer as he left me alone at home so he can go to his Family meeting with his fiancée Fai.

After I finished crying, I decided to try to sleep, but I could not Until I felt his hands and his kiss. on my forehead while telling me

.M: Good night, I wish you happy dreams

N: I am just hopeless

I said to myself before sleeping

The next day I woke up and did not find him beside me again, I felt pain in my heart then I started to ask myself why this pain?!! and now I feel like I am losing it.

My heart hurts my mind hurt too I feel like he is far from me increases my longing for him and assures me that I love him more and more every day and that's hurt 😢 as he is still engaged with someone else even if all of this fake it still feels like hell for me.

the sound of the phone (Ren Ren) interrupts my thoughts I looked at the phone and then I answered my boyfriend.

M: How are you today?! I apologize that I went without telling you, your angelic face made it hard for me to wake you up.

N: I'm fine, I think.

M: what do you mean?!

N: Nothing, what did you call love?!

M: I called to check on you and tell you, you have an appointment with the Doctor Today you should go to him at 5 pm, but I will not be able to go with you because I have a meeting at the office and I don't think I can make it, Forgive me, my love.

N: Oh, it's okay don't worry I will in a taxi.

M: okay be careful and call me when you get there.

N: Okay talk to you later.

NIV: I feel like I have been dumped 😣, I know I should not think like that but I really don't know what to do I feel lonely 😔?!

I was thinking of this whale looking to the ceiling of the room while I sleep on the bed.

After a few minutes, I woke up from my thought and start to freshen up and go to the doctor.

while I was in the taxi, I saw in a coffee shop something that makes my nightmare real.

I saw Mangkut hugging his fiancé and that was it for me I can't take more pain than I decided to speak with him tonight if he didn't end this engagement I have to live alone and break up with him.

Mongkut POV

I was very happy finally my deal with Fai is over and now I can be with my love Nariah I was helping Fai with her love life and finally, her brother Jo will help her to cancel this engagement and try to persuade the family to accept her lover Earth and that's why I can't go with Nariah to the doctor I felt very sad for this matter but I had to meet Jo and Fai to find a solution to this problem and we finally did it.

When I got home, I didn't find Nariah and I felt anxious and I felt so worried for her safety and called her many times but she didn't answer me, I didn't know what to do I called the doctor he said she come and leave about 2hour's ago

And before I go to the streets to find her, I saw her come back home and she was drunk I didn't understand how and why she was drunk?!!

But when I have seen her like that I was worried and tried to help her to go to the room so she can rest for now then I will ask her about what happened.

Although I wanted to sleep, the amount of anxiety and stress I felt prevented me, so I decided to work a little in the office room before bed.

After some time, I heard Nariah crying and I went to check on her and found her crying and calling out my name so I went to her and tried to wake her up while I hugged her so tightly, she turned away and he suddenly said to me while she was crying.

N: Stay away from me. Do not touch me or hug me as you hugged her today. Do you sleep with her as you do with me too??

I was looking at her in shock and I do not know what she was talking about. And suddenly I remembered then my head was messed up then I understand that she saw me hugging Fai today in the restaurant and that's why she is So Angry

I wanted to make sure, so I asked her while I was trying to calm him down a little and try to hug him but he kept me away from him

Suddenly she punched my face with her fist I was shocked and looked at her with anger face, and I told her with a shout.

M: Why did you punch me, what are you doing, Nariah?!

Nariah was wiping her tears and was trying to calm down and look at my eyes with determination, and after she calmed down a little, she told me

N: I cannot bear what you do with me. I do not deny that I love you, but this love still hurts me, and I am not strong enough to stay by your side while you betray me with a stranger. You will marry her anyway I do not know why I am surprised by your behavior, because this is normal in your relationship with her, so it is better to end our relationship now. Mongkut. We must separate. Please, I cannot bear more than that Let's break up.

I was shocked by what was happening and from what I heard, I do not believe that she wants to leave me alone and wants to be separated from me

Chapter 5 END.

Arthur POV

I know you don't want to kill me now, but forgive me this stage must be found in their relationship so that their relationship becomes stronger I will be quick to upload the next chapter Do not worry.

Thank you all for reading don't forget to comment thank you very much see you in the next chapter.



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