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mine 24/7 novel Chapter 4

mine 24/7

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Mongkut POV

When I got back home after seeing Fai's message, in which she told me that she was going to go home now to wait for me.

I did not find him, I did not find Nariah anywhere, only Fai waiting for me as she drank a cup of coffee and sat on the sofa.

I looked at her with amazement and said in curiosity

M: where is she?!

F: ha who?!

M: N...Nariah The woman who was here with me.

F: oh, P'Mong Friend, she left.

M: what do you mean left?!

F: Huhu she left P'

when I heard this word, I couldn't think I wouldn't know what can I say to her on what can I do I was so afraid of Nariah she doesn't remember that she doesn't have a home besides this home now so all I do is leaving her suddenly and I said before I run to the door.

M: I have to go Fai see you soon.

I ran straight to my car and I was looking everywhere while I was driving until I see him sitting in the garden near our home, I run to him but when she saw me, she tried to escape from me, but I catch her and hug her from behind and said in weakness

M: don't run it's just misunderstanding believe me you misunderstanding misunderstand me.


Mangkut: No, I can't do it

Mongkut mother: no, you can't destroy your reputation and your family's reputation with you, because it is small suffocation for our company, we have lost a lot of money because of your foolishness.

M: I try my best I will help you to lessen the loss but I cannot be married to solve this problem I have one that I love and want to marry only her.

MM: if you don't want to marry no problem but you have to do this engagement her family will help us in this situation if you two get engaged.

M: but ...

MM: No but in this family business we cannot lose this chance because of bad behavior you have a brother and sister and cousin you need to think about them they are still young you need to keep this company running.

M: Okay but I will be only engaged to her I will not marry her.

MM: okay I will speak with the girl's family and I think your engagement will be next month.

M: Mom please I need to see her before the engagement I need to talk to her.

MM: but why?!

M: please mom

MM: ok take her number from your dad call her and set a date.

Back to present

N: leave me alone I don't want to talk right now just leave me alone and go back to your fiancée.

M: please hear me out Nariah Please come home and if you come without believing me, I will arrange a hotel and leave the apartment for you or anything you ask me for please hear me out you misunderstand me.

After a few minutes of thinking Nariah agreed to go with me home when we arrived, we found her still there and when she asked me to introduce herself, I said why I hold his hand

M: this is the one I love that I have told you about it

Fai: oh, nice to meet you I have heard so much about you from P' are you ok now I heard you had an accident.

I looked at her very confused but after a few seconds he holds my hand tight more time and smiles at my face then I said to her

N: nice to meet you too.

I understand right away that what I have said is all she needed to hear to stay with me and I hope she will stay forever.


M: thank you for agreeing to meet me fai before the engagement I needed to see you and say something very important to you.

Fai: it's ok and nice to meet you, my future fiancé.

M: that's what I needed to clear to you I only do this engagement because of the family business I hope you understand and if you want to cancel this engagement, I will not say anything and I will take the responsibility because I have someone I love and I don't want to lose her and of course, I don't want to hurt you too because of my family.

Fai: oh, I understand and I will help you I will not cancel this engagement because you are very honest with me and by the way, I have something to confess too I am dating someone and my family doesn't agree about him and I was afraid they will hurt him so I did agree to this stupid engagement to protect him too.

Back to present

Fai: I'm so sorry because I have come so suddenly, I'm sure that you have much to catch I only come here to Mangkut to say that we have a meeting with our family tomorrow and we need to play our rules and I'm sorry once again if you misunderstood me, I don't love P'Mong and I have a lover too so don't worry and I'm very happy that you are ok now and message you once again I will leave you alone you too lovers Enjoy.

When Fai left Nariah touched my lips for a second and then she smiled at me then I kissed her back in a very deep kiss as I was thinking

Mongkut's inner voice: Thank God, she didn't leave me because it's hard to let him go and I don't want to let him go I love him so much I cannot live without him I hope he feels the same way right now as he was before...END of chapter 4.



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