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mine 24/7 novel Chapter 3

mine 24/7

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Nariah POV

I kept crying in the arms of this strange young man who was supposed to be my boyfriend, but I do not remember anything about him nor I can deny that I feel his love and closeness to my heart and I feel guilty too that I do not remember him and in a state of sadness and confusion I left his arms and looked at his eyes and kissed him, A kiss full of desire and then I was sure I loved him Although my mind does not remember him, my heart and body remember him, as this kiss made me in a state of euphoria and made me forget my grief for a moment.

After a second, I found him looking at me in a state of shock and said in a gentle voice

M Are you, okay dear?!

N: Yes, don't worry.

I answered him while I look into his eyes and feel a lake of my behavior, and then I decided to apologize to him for the sudden kiss.

N: Sorry, I don't know how this happened. I deeply apologize.

M: No. It's okay, you are my lover and since we entered the house, to be honest, I try to resist the desire to touch you and kiss you.

He said that while he was looking into my eyes with a look full of desires.

N: Mongkut ... KISS ME.

I said that in a state of confusion I didn't know what to do what to feel I just wanted him in this second.

He was looking confused and said in a soft voice to me.

M: Are you sure I don't want to hurt you because I think I can't control myself baby if we kissed.

N: I don't know but all I know is that I want you to kiss me right now.

After a few seconds he began to kiss me softly and tenderly and he enters his tongue into my mouth and our tongues begin to dance once again like the first kiss we had and I like it

We stopped exchanging kisses when we felt we couldn't breathe, and then Mongkut grabbed the buttons of my shirt and started unbuttoning them slowly while looking directly at my eyes as if he was asking permission to complete what he does.

Whenever he opened a button, he started kissing me in every area that appears on my body with his lips, until he took my shirt and threw it away and started kissing my lips again but deeper and more possessed as our lust begin to control us.

After that, Mangkot starts moving as he kissed me until we two fell into the bedroom bed while kissing, whenever he kissed me and touched me, the more I get excited and I began to take off his clothes too without noticing it after he became naked in front of me, I Couldn't control from the excitement when he looked at me with that sexy look then he moved. his tongue between his lips and told me

M: Is my Nariah needs my mouth or my fingers?!

N: Do I need to tell you?!

That's all he needed to know from me as he was afraid to go too fast on me, I think when Mongkut begin to Lick and Suck me hard while I was mooning Loud and ask him for more until I cum in his mouth.

After I begin to breathe a little, he came and kiss my lips once again 💋 for some time, and then he asked me if I was ready All I could do was nodded my head, despite my fear and hesitation.

After that, he went to a drawer beside the bed and took out a condom.

Then he put it then he started moving inside me with his finger first in my ass I was expecting his member in front I didn't know that I will take it in the back really all I could do is the moon.

N: oh it's hurt slowly ohhh ahhhhwas

M: relax it will not hurt soon baby

N: ahhhh here where it doesn't hurt.

After that, he began to enter more fingers until my hole widened and my pain began to shift to pleasure more than pain then he enters his dick inside me and I was in pain at first then I was enjoying the pain after some time, and we both came together this time, then we slept next to each other all night.

The next morning 🌞

I woke up crying because I dreamed of my mother and I was in pain too because of the hard sex of yesterday but my pain was more because of losing my mother. I woke up in a state of extreme pain and did not find him next to me too, but I found a paper on the table in which he wrote in it that he went to work and he left me food and a painkiller and what was writing at the end of the Paper that made my heart beat very hard the word I love you, my princesses.

after some time, I went to the bathroom first, dressed, took my food, and the medicine then I wanted to see my new home while waiting for him to come back maybe I will remember something if I looked around like what happened yesterday.

While I was looking at the house, I found an album of pictures of us and a picture of us with my mother.

And at that time my heart pained me and I kept crying all day and, in the evening, I heard the knock on the door I was surprised and then I thought that he had forgotten the house key so I went to open the door but it's wasn't him but it was......End chapter 3.

I hope you enjoyed the story until now I know that everything is sweet until now but don't hope that their life will always be sweet.



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