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mine 24/7 novel Chapter 2

mine 24/7

Mongkut POV

Two months later, Nariah remained in a coma and while Mongkut was talking on the phone one day, she opened her eyes and said in a weak voice.

Who are you, mister?!!!

Are you awake, my love?!

Mongkut said with an anxious voice and looks full of love and joy.

Suddenly, Nariah felt pain in her head and she saw faint memories that were not clear to her, and that caused her great pain.

And she said with a loud cry, "Oh, my head, oh, my head hurts."

When Mongkut found his beloved in all this pain, He was terrified and frightened and called the doctor and the nurse and they did help her and they gave Nariah a sedative and pain reliever and made her sleep again and the doctor said she will be all right and they left.

After they left, I take my lover's hands and sit beside her bed, and said with tears filling in my eyes, “I pray to God, may the pain catch me and never touch you. I can’t bear your pain, my love”.

He stayed in this state for some time, and the memories started to come back like a dream and he remembered his first meeting with the love of his life Nariah.


Mongkut was sitting in the bar drinking alone while refusing any girl to try to get close to him, as he is in a state of great sadness. He lost one of his friends once again in a shooting incident and he accidentally discovered the betrayal of his bodyguard and felt like he will always lose the one he loves and he can’t find one to trust too now and in this great state of despair he entered into a fight with one of the men who's his girl has flirted with him a while ago.

he was lost and beaten because he was drunk and cannot fight back Suddenly, a young man appeared with honey-eyed eyes and black hair to save him, and this was the first meeting of Mangkut and Nariah.

Back to Present

After some time, Nariah has improved physically and she was preparing to leave the hospital today with me the closest and at the same time the strangest person to her.

Nariah had remembered many of her memories, but she could not remember me at all. The psychiatrist's explanation for this case was that she was shocked so badly in the accident, so her mind refuses to remember the memories It hurts her right now I didn’t understand how our memories hurt her but I will wait for her I can’t leave her.

I drove the car to our house when Nariah entered the house she was feeling a warm feeling as if she had been in this place before but she did not remember anything until she entered the bedroom and suddenly started to remain something, when she looked at the bed in the bedroom, she felt a headache and remembered someone holding her hand while looking at her, but she could not remember the details of the face of the person looking at her in that time.


Are you okay?!! Nariah said with a concerned face.

M: Yes, I'm alright what about you?!!

N: Fine 😀, what is your name?

M: Mongkut and you?!

N: Nariah.

M: Nice to meet you, Thank you for your help.

N: Oh, nice to meet you too 😊
Do you need a ride?!

M: No thanks 😊

N: Oh, okay I will go to my friends now bye.

Back to present

M: Nariah are you feeling better now ?!, Mongkut said while giving him a glass of water.

N: Yes, I am okay don't worry, Mongkut I want to ask my mother how she is doing?!

M: Oh, your mother is...

N: Why did you stop?!

M: Nothing she is ok okay, Are you hungry now?!

N: No, I want to sleep 😴💤

M: Okay but take a shower first I'm going to work in the other room before I go to sleep so take your shower and sleep before me, okay love.

After Mangkut said that he kisses her on his cheek and lift the room.

Nariah did as she asked, she did talk a shower and go to bed early to sleep but the weird thing was she could not sleep until I come to her and kissed her on her forehead.

The next day Nariah woke up early and get ready to go to her mom she was missing her so much.

When she gets out of the room, she found me preparing breakfast, so she sited down at the table and begin to eat with me while we were eating Nariah tallied me that she was going to see her mother.

I looked at him in shock and spoke

M: seeing your mom?!

N: yes

M: I need to tell you something about her.

N: what is it?!

M: she...she is...

N: speak now you're making me very worried

M: she is dead

N: what...what did you say?!

I get up and holed my love while we both were crying.

Then she said with very sad eyes while

N: now I'm all alone

M: Don't say that you have my have me.

End of chapter 2.



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