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mine 24/7 novel Chapter 10 End

mine 24/7

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Author POV

Love is a feeling that is not easily described by words, but everyone understands it. Words of love differ in their ways, but it is understood by all minds, no matter how different languages or sex, as it differs for any person, whether man or woman, the feeling is not different and can never be classified or prevented from growing, and this is my message. Love, even if we feel sometimes painful and sometimes it may seem impossible, but it nourishes the soul and oxygen of life. I will be satisfied enough to talk about love. I will leave Mangkot and Nariah to describe the meaning of love for them.

P.S Happy Valentine's Day.

Mongkut POV

I woke up from the sunlight and felt movement on my shoulders. she slept in my arms Nariah was the love of my life even if she did not remember me and did not realize sometimes the value of our relationship, she will always remain my only love and the person I want to spend my life with.

While I look into his eyes and play in his hair, I decided to return the marriage proposal to Nariah, As I am sure Now, I will not be able to get away from him.

Nariah opened her charming honey eyes that introduce me to the secrets of love. He looked at me with his sleepy eyes and said in his soft voice

N: Good morning, my love

M: Good morning, Did I wake you up if I wanted to sleep, complete your sleep, I apologize

N: What time is it now?!

M: 8:30 in the morning.

N: Oh, I have to shower and get ready for work.

M: oh, what work?! I am your boss 😎 right you said you are my bodyguard and my girlfriend right!!

N: yes, I am but after we had our fight I asked to work in other places and today is my first day at work.

M: but now we Okay you can ...

N: Baby, I am very dependent on you I want to be an independent man can you understand me.

M: but...

N: No but please, I want to be your lover only okay.

M: but I am making money enough for me and you why do you need to work.

N: How can you think that I will use you or be with you for money 🥺🥺

M: I didn't mean that don't be angry please na

N: Okay but I want to go now I beg you to understand that.

M: Okay but don't be late today.

N: Why is this so, today is my first day and I don't know when I will come home yet

M: I am sure that if you ask to return early, they will not mind

N: How confident you are and do not know them. I have not yet known them. Do you hide anything from me?

M: Haha stop your imagination hmmm. ...I am sure because it is Valentine's Day, you fool.

N: Oh ... I forgot, hmm ... do you want a certain gift?!

M: I just don't want you to come back early

N: But ...

M: Did you not be late for work?!

N: Oh no really, it's nine o'clock in the morning, I'm going to get ready quickly.

And after a quarter of an hour or so, Nariah had finished bathing and went out with only a towel on him and I was sitting on the bed keeping my beautiful body contemplating, and after noticing that I look at him he looked at me and smiled and after he finished wearing his clothes he approached me and kissed me and said

N: I love you, I won't be late

And after Nariah left, I put my body back and looked at the ceiling, thinking about the gift I should bring to him, and about my plans for a romantic dinner with him tonight.

All I can think of now is how to make this person happy so I don't even think about breaking up or getting away from me.

I was also very worried about him and I was hoping that he would not accept his new work. I know that I am selfish to think about this and that I must separate our emotional lives from work, but I do not want to separate from him even for a moment and I fear that he is in danger and he is far from me and I cannot protect him

I know that his job is to protect people and protect me and I know that he does not remember the importance of protecting me from danger now so it is better for him to think about resigning from me because that will keep me away from danger

M: What do I do I love her so much, maybe I should stop thinking and start preparing for one of the most beautiful days of our lives so I always made sure that Valentine's Day is special for us.

Then I went to the bathroom and started getting ready to go out and made some calls in the car and told the company that I will be a little late and asked to postpone the morning meeting before, although it is Valentine's Day, our company does not close for this occasion.

I went to the mall and started shopping a little bit until I found what I was looking for. I saw...

Nariah POV

I went to work and met my new employer, Mr. John. He was a businessman from Australia, I did not know at that time that he was a Mangkot partner and a foreign member of the mafia.

I do not deny that this day I could not focus at all on their conversation so much, so I was filling my head in agreement with all their questions, so every thought was in the gift of Mangkot and the hot kisses that I missed.

After some time, my friend Gott, who brought this work to me, noticed me straying, and I told him that I had a boyfriend and I was thinking about her gift for Valentine's Day. We heard Mr. John asks me if I wanted to start the work the next day. I refused at first but agreed after his insistence.

After I left the office, I installed a taxi and went to the mall to buy something for his new love, but it has been etched for a long time in my heart. My heart still hurts sometimes because we do not remember our beautiful memories together.

When I arrived at the mall, I looked around at a jewelry store, and a silver ring caught my eye. I asked the seller to buy it and asked me if I wanted to engrave a letter or write something inside, so I asked him to write an (M) letter next to a heart and this is what he did.

After I finished, I called Mangkot to know where we should meet and sent me the address of a restaurant, I gave it to the taxi driver to deliver me and after half an hour I reached my destination and found Mangkot receiving me at the door of the restaurant and we entered the restaurant and we grabbed some hands and smiled.

We entered the restaurant, sat, and dined at a table with candles like any romantic evening dinner. We were surprised, both of us, after opening our gift. We bought the same ring on Monday and wrote our letters next to the heart of its time. Mangkot smiled at me and said in a soft voice

M: It is destiny

N: What do you mean?!

M: the ring

N: Oh yeah, I think it's really strange.

M: Would you?!

N: What?!

Then he fell from his place and came to me and took the ring from my hand and knelt on his knees and grabbed my hand and then said

M: Nariah, it is truly a destiny that brought us together and made us overcome all odds. I want to ask you to ask, but rather, a promise.

N: What do you mean?!

M: I promise you that you will always stay with me ... Umm Nariah, please accept me as your husband?

N: But I ...

M: I know that you feel rushed because you lost your memory, my love, but trust me, I love YOU. trust me

His words touched my feelings, my being, my soul, and filled my eyes with tears, nodded my head, and told him to smile while crying

N: I love you, thank you for your waiting and your love for me ... mmm, and yes, of course, I accept you as my husband now and forever.

Then he put on the ring in my hand and then we kissed each other and I went to the other side and spoke

N: I trust in my love, and although my mind does not remember you, my heart does trust that I love you and I will continue to do. Forgive me if I harm you one day.

M: No, do not apologize, my love, you did not do anything, it is ... It is our destiny and it is enough for me to be near you now.

N: I love you.

M: I love you too


A/N With this happiness and promise of a future full of love, I finish my first book of this story and wish you a happy Valentine's Day.



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