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mine 24/7 novel Chapter 1

mine 24/7

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Nariah POV

N: Oh no, it's the ocean. Thank you so much, my love.

Nariah said that while she was running on her way to see the ocean for the first time in a long time.

Nariah continues her talk to her boyfriend after she sits on the beach and looked at the waves of the ocean.

N: I cannot believe that we are here finally.

M: Did I ever let you down?

While watching the waves and the kids playing in front of them, then there is a thought that comes to her mind

Live is love ♥ all Romantic minds think like that, Right!!!

What do you think (Mongkut) hahaha Do you hear my love?!!!

She said while looking at the ocean. She was trying to get an answer to this question, as she doubts her relationship with her lover after two years of dating.

Mongkut was still looking at his phone and checking his emails and didn't look at his lover who comes with him on this vacation to get some time alone.

N: Mong baby t Mong did you hear me?!!

She said that while he was checking his phone.

M: Yeah, yes, I hear you, my love, just a second

After a few minutes, he showed his phone to her boyfriend and asked him a question.

M: What do you think of this ring?!!!

N: Haas ring, why you are looking for a ring?! We have two rings as a couple. Already, do you need a new one?!!

M: Yeah, I need you one

N: Why you didn’t like the ring that I gave you?!!

M: No, I love it my love, but we both need new rings

N: why?!

I said it a little loud because of the surprise.

M: Because we need a new ring as husband wife

Mongkut said that with a big smile on his face

N: Haas, what did you say right now?!!!

M: I said I want to marry you, will you?!!

N: Yeah, of course, I love you, baby.

I said that to my lover while he was smiling and getting close to me and kissing me on my lips and after a second his Tongue traveled into my mouth as our lips have been dancing to win while he was trying to control his breathing; he didn't want to be the first one to let go of this kiss as me, of course, 😘💋 and to lose for me once again.

N: Can I ask you something before we head back to the hotel?

Nariah said that after they kissed.

M: Yes, of course, my love, you can.

Mongkut said it while looking into the eyes of his girlfriend.

M: Mong, I noticed that you are very busy later is there something you didn't tell me about besides that you don't allow me to protect these days and when I asked you many times about this matter you didn't reply, and suddenly you did this vacation and I think I know why now because you wanted to propose to me but still, I am very worried about you.

Her boyfriend's look changed after this question and said to her while looking into her eyes with a serious face.

N: You don't need to worry about me. Worry about your safety and your family's safety more than I, I will take care of myself and of course, I'm trying to protect you and your family too.

M: My family and me?!

N: What do you mean…

While I was talking, suddenly someone was shooting at us.

Trying to avoid the shooting, we forgot to get our guns from the car when we come to the beach, so there is no way we can protect ourselves right now, so we were running to escape 🏃.

Right now, I was running and looking around me to see him, and when I looked back someone was shooting at him, but then I get the shot to protect him that was what I was afraid of the most to lose him.

I didn't know what to do, but we managed to go to the car and get my gun, and he shot the person who shot me.

He had to take me to the hospital, and I was hoping that he will be alive and safe even if I didn’t marry him or even lived all I was thinking is his safety only, and I was hoping to live and have kids with him.

I held the hand of my beloved and made a promise to myself that I would always protect him and would not allow anyone to harm him again if I lived. Then I fainted.

After 3 hours, the doctor came out and told him that my physical condition is not good because I lost a lot of blood and now I was in a coma and the coming hours are crucial to my life AND BECAUSE he felt so afraid for my safety, and he told me that he grabbed the collar of the doctor and threatened him with his life if he didn't save the life of the one, he loves, he was crazy at that time Hulu don’t you agree.

Two months later, I remained in a coma and while he was talking on the phone one day, I opened my eyes and said in a weak voice.

N: Who are you, Minster?!!!

She said it with a lot of surprise from that man in front of him

End of chapter 1



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